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Haiti Info

Basic Hait Info:

President: René Préval (2006)

Prime Minister: Jean-Max Bellerive (2009)

Land area: 10,641 sq mi (27,560 sq km); total area: 10,714 sq mi (27,750 sq km)

Population (2009 est.): 9,035,536 (growth rate: 1.8%); birth rate: 29.1/1000; infant mortality rate: 59.7/1000; life expectancy: 60.7; density per sq km: 323

Capital and largest city (2003 est.): Port-au-Prince, 1,764,000 (metro. area), 1,119,000 (city proper)

Official languages: Haitian Creole, French

Monetary unit: Gourde

Ethnic groups: 95.0% black, 5% mulatto and white[1]

Government: Parliamentary republic

President: René Préval

Prime Minister: Jean-Max Bellerive

- Formed as Saint-Domingue 30 October 1697
- Independence declared 1 January 1804
- Independence recognized 17 April 1825

Detailed Haiti Info:

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